What are the Extended Validation requirements?

Extended Validation SSL certificates are the most trusted and verified SSL products. It takes around 4-7 working days to pass the validation in case all documents are correct and provided on time. Please be patient, as the process may takes your time.


First Step – Send documents

The Comodo requires starting verification with filling two special forms while Symantec/Thawte/GeoTrust will first review order (2-3 working days) and will send forms later directly to you.

Second Step – Organization validation

To pass Business/Organization validation, you may need to provide some official documents to certification center. Mostly they require Business License/Article of Incorporation/Registration application. You can submit them via Post Mail, fax or via e-mail in PDF/JPG format.


  • Option A (Most popular)
    Company legal existence checks via public government database using company name or unique idetification number (registration number)
  • Option B
    Company can be checked via public 3rd party databases like
    Duns & Bradstreet
    Companies House GOV.UK
  • Option C
    Company address can be verified using one of the documents:
    – Articles of Incorporation (with address)
    – Government Issued Business License (with address)
    – Copy of a recent company bank statement (you may blacken out the Account Number)
    – Copy of a recent company phone bill
    – Copy of a recent major utility bill of the company (i.e. power bill, water bill, etc.) or current lease agreement for the company


Third Step – DCV process

DCV (Domain Control Validation) is a verification of domain name ownership. It is possible to validate domain via multiple methods like e-Mail validation, DNS CNAME, HTTP/HTTPS Hash file and Meta tag.


Fourth Step – Callback process

The last step is a callback process. For Business Validation SSL vendors use automated callback process. Comodo robot calls you on the verified number and tells you a verification code. To validate official phone number you can use any of the options:

  • Option A (Most popular)
    Certification Center verifies phone number via public Yellow pages Databases like http://www.numberway.com OR http://world.192.com
  • Option B
    Vendor may verify number via trusted databases like Duns & Bradstreet OR Hoovers.
  • Option C
    Verified legal opinion or accountant letter signed notary. Certification center may verify notary legality.